Session 1 – Trading Information

“It never dawned on me to suggest trading information to find a common interest.  It was like, duh, why didn’t I think of that?  Thanks to Jennifer’s list of simple rules and questions, we now have a platform; a starting point.

In addition, if you knew my son, you’d know this is a major breakthrough.  I believe it’s because of two reasons. 1) His teacher is going the extra mile to work with him. 2) The tools and skills he’s learning in PEERS are beginning to blossom and I’m so excited.

Thanks Jennifer and Nina for the amazing work you do!  Without you, I’d still be stressing over ways to help my son.  The future is looking brighter than ever!!!”


The PEERS program breaks typical, appropriate teenage social interaction down into manageable steps, and gives parents the tools and language to help their teen succeed. 

The PEERS program helped me to think about teenage social interaction in more discreet, manageable units, and gave me the tools to discuss it with my child.

This is a very worthwhile program for anyone whose teen is struggling to make and keep friends.”  

Mary Jo- Parent

“My 15 year old son is diagnosed ASD and ADHD. He has struggled his whole life for social acceptance at school and in the community. He often expressed to me through tears his loneliness and desire for a friend. As a mother, I wanted more than anything to give him the acceptance and friends he longed for; however, neither I nor the other adults in his life had the tools or skills to help him navigate the rules and feedback needed for managing his communication with others. Our participation in this group has been an answer to prayer. The information, guidance, and encouragement we received throughout this course has made a real difference in my son’s life. Within 8 weeks of the 14 week program, he joined two extracurricular groups and made several real friends in each. He is able to communicate more effectively over the phone and now enjoys regular get togethers with other teens. It has been a joy to watch him begin to thrive socially and interact more confidently with other teens because of the training he (and Mom) received. Parents of children on the autism spectrum struggle to find and afford necessary therapeutic supports for their children. It is our hope that many families can benefit from this life changing training.”

Parent-Spring 2016

“We loved the PEERS program for our daughter. She grew up lacking social communication skills and would avoid talking to others at all costs. In all the therapies that we have tried for her,the PEERS program was the only one that gave her confidence to talk to others by providing a step-by-step process in developing her conversational language. We saw her gain confidence in talking to others as the program progressed and we would strongly recommend it to others who need to develop their social skills”. Thank you Jennifer. We appreciate everything you did to help Brianna. 

Patty & Anthony- Parents 

“I really like the PEERS program. It helped me boost my confidence when talking to friends on the phone. I enjoyed making the calls every week”.

Brianna- Client

“You are dear to our family! You have brought my son, Chris, and his family HOPE! The PEERS program was such great stepping stones for Chris on his path to greater independence. It was a safe and sharing environment where he could be with other peers who had similar challenges. The challenges they face are often not apparent (to them) or not easy to put into words. You and the other team members helped Chris and his classmates to see and understand how autism can make communication difficult, what they each needed to work on individually AND, the best part, you helped them learn the skills they needed to make their weaknesses strengths.  It has enlarged Chris’ world by pushing him just enough out of his comfort zone and finding success. As a parent, I really enjoyed meeting with other parents and found that I was not alone in the struggles our family experiences. The sharing of other parents was invaluable to me and helped me to learn of new resources and opportunities for Chris.

The other day Chris went to his College Prep class at a local campus. My husband was planning to go in with him since it would be a new place. Chris hopped out of the car, told Dad he would not need to come, that he (Chris) would find where he needed to go. And Chris did just that. My husband and I are amazed at the change in Chris. He still has things that he needs to work on, but having had such positive experiences through with PEERS.   He is moving forward in his life and can see for himself that he can lead a life that he has dreamed about. Thank you to you Jennifer!”

Lori- Parent

“Through the class my young adults were challenged to break out of their comfort zone and connect with other young adults in a class setting, over the phone and through proposed outings. My young adults learned the importance of friendship and what role social skills plays in that AND the work force. They learned the why’s of “trading information” (giving and receiving of information) and that it is essential to being successful. Suggestions were also given on how to interact appropriately while engaging in a community activity such as: how to start and exit a conversation, what to do if there is conflict, disagreement, or peer pressure to do something unsafe, and how to recognize proper social cues and unspoken/unwritten social protocols. There was a LOT to learn, absorb and practice, and I can foresee a need for further education to build on these foundational skills.

The class was unique that it had a parent component where the parents got together (at the same time as the young adults) with a facilitator to learn the same curriculum as the young adults and collaborate on ideas on how to practice and role play the information taught. The adults even received detailed (step by step) handouts on each week’s topics. The handouts were invaluable because they serve as a lasting reference and resource.”

Carol Sue- Parent